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  • Custom stainless tanks

  • Custom aluminium tanks.

  • Aluminium boat fuel tanks

  • Pipe work

  • Custom Motorcycle Work

  • Aluminium Tanks

  • Gas Fire System Installations

Our Services

Dolphin Aluminium Fabrication is an established Western Australian company who specializes in Marine Stainless Steel fabrication and engineering, Aluminium and Mild Steel fabrication. We cover many types of work such as; Metal brackets, metal bending, metal cutting, laser cutting, welding and repairs. We really are committed to providing a friendly and professional service to our customers. 

Why Choose Us ?

We aim to cover an extensive range of ALUMINIUM FABRICATION products used by all sectors of industry, much of what we do is shown here on our website.


Aluminium Fabrication

General aluminium fabrication, repairs and modifications to boats, casting repairs and welding... manifolds, housings, motorcycle components.


Stainless Steel Fabrication

General stainless steel fabrication, repairs and modifications to marine pipe work and railing, fabrication of stainless steel spooling.


CNC Turning

CNC machining can be supplied bynothers.


Laser Cutting

Laser cutting can be provided by others.